Tuscan Cuisine – Recipes old Style

Tuscan food

Since the eighties Tuscan cuisine has become a basic concept for many.
We adore virgin olive oil, that according to many has its best quality if from the Lucca area and that generally is integral component for the tasteful recipes of the „Cucina Povera“, the poor peoples’ cuisine.

  • These dishes were anything but “poor” in taste; on the contrary, they were delicious and always well spiced, often refined with fresh or even dried herbs.
  • An interesting book on the „Cucina Alta“, the bourgeois cooking with many good recipes has been written by Lorenza de Medici; these Tuscan dishes have however not become too popular in our times.

Tuscan live

Still today the generation of 60 and more years old people tell the story that scantiness once has been a steady companion in their lives, a fact that not only had an impact on the well considered way of cooking at that time but also was reflected in many bagatelles of every days life. In any case people were – and still are – not luxuriant.
But let us come back on Tuscan cooking that is governed by olive oil; it is used even for cakes and deserts. Butter does not really play a role, in former times dishes could be enriched by shortening of any provenance

  • – still today people recall the heavenly taste of these dishes of a time long gone. Tuscan cuisine certainly has not become low-fat over the last years and calories are all about in all Tuscan recipes.

Tuscan food culture

Apart from the sweet breakfast bread, olive oil and cheese will be served with almost all meals. The bread is not salted – there has once been a heavy tax on salt – the olive oil is tasty and the cheese almost always “Pecorino”, the flavourful sheep cheese. Particularly well known is the pecorino from Pienza.

  • Lifestyle – „modo di vivere“, they all have to do with eating; we talk about „food culture”, in Italy this culture is lived and experienced, actually it is a part of cultural heritage.

Today practically presented with many tips & anecdotes
Manuela’s “My Life in Lucca – Tuscany Recipes”