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Park of Monster in Bomarzo

Park of Monster


Not far from Bagnaia is Bomarzo where, entering the park of the monsters, you will enter a fantastic world where luscious, wild flora and man’s imagination met to create something unique in the world. In order to understand Bomarzo, you have to understand the time when it was made: the declining XVI century, fond of giants, monsters, scenic inventions already heralding Baroque.

The first thing you see is a colossal head with a globe on its top and a castle on top of the globe. Further on, you can see a giant tearing the limbs of an adversary placed upside down.The effect is dramatic, but the proportions seem to remove the tragedy of the representation, as if it belonged to a world far away from the world of real people. Everything here was made to impress: gigantic animals, huge figures, nymphs and gods are everywhere.
Among the gods Neptune stands out, a bearded old man towering over a great basin. His shoulders are completely covered with moss, like an elegant green cloak.
Vegetation has also played with the head of the Ogre: tufts of ferns spring from his cheeks, framing the wide-open mouth.

  • It’s a park of monsters, but you will be astonished, rather than frightened, because in fact it doesn’t scare anybody, not even children who, on the contrary, enjoy themselves and have fun.”
  • Even the huge dragon that is about to swallow a smaller monster appears rather ready to be hugged and kissed with his cute short snout, but be careful: it could just be mimicry!

Everything looks rather playful.

Huge plane trees, other trees and bushes create a well tempered garden atmosphere; the sun sparkles through the leaves and offers additional nice effects.

Bomarzo itself, a beautiful medieval town, lies on top of a lime stone rock. The houses, one glued to the other, are situated high above the Tiber valley.
Coming from Bagnaia you just cross through Bomarzo and follow the sign to “Parco dei Mostri”.

The park has been enriched by some living animals; there is also a small playground for the kids.

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