Golfing in Tuscany

Golfing in Tuscany

Golf courses today

Like in many other countries golf has become in Italy more popular over the last years. The names of successful national players, particularly so with the younger generation, continue to have a positive impact making this sport more popular. This, of course applies also to Italy where names like the Molinari brothers and youngster Manassero have been bringing forward golf, making it a sport for all.
This fact naturally has an effect on the number and affordability of golf courses all over. A country like Italy with its great landscapes, mountains, hilly and seaside areas combined with predominantly golf suited weather seems to be an ideal platform. The entire mainland offers a wide spread of courses; so one will find just around Rome 9 complete courses in best location and splendid views, with Castelgandolfo golf course with its 18 holes being embedded in an old volcanic crater to mention just one example. Further to the South there is somewhat less frequency, there are, however, some very nice new courses. Also the islands of Sicily and Sardegna have some very beautiful courses, more than worthwhile. All in all the number of courses increase; existing ones are being enlarged, there are ever more 3×9 hole courses. The green-fees are (still) affordable, many clubs have their own resort, almost everywhere one can eat very well in the club restaurants and enjoy dolce vita.

The golf courses in Tuscany

In the areas preferred by tourism the situation is, of course, even more relevant. So Tuscany is home for quite a number of outstanding golf courses -; some in the ideally suited hilly areas like for example Montecatini, Ugolino, Poggio dei Medici, Saturnia or Castelfalfi; others in close vicinity to the Med and the beautiful beaches like Cosmopolitan, Tirrenia, Versilia, Argentario and Punta Ala. None of the Tuscan courses suffers from severe and continued lack of water which means they tend to be in exquisite conditions at all times. Of course they all offer the usual services for guest players and normally include a very well lead shop where the golfer will find all he/she needs or just “would like to have”. And not to forget: almost all of the courses can be played year-round. And: in Tuscany many of the holiday rentals we offer are in nice vicinity to one or more of these places.

Geographic location of Tuscany golf courses

The following listing contains all presently existing 18-hole courses in Tuscany that we know and that we would like to draw your attention to. We have seen them all personally, have played them, many of them more than just one time. The courses are all very nice, each of them with its own flair and individual style and characteristics.

Tuscany is rich in golf courses and offers the golfer a variety of beautiful ones.

The following list covers all 18-hole golf courses in Tuscany Italy as of now which we would like to address and bring to your attention.
We know them all by our own experience, have played them all, many of them more than one time. They are all beautiful, each has its own flair and characteristics.

What we offer you is our own and of course very personal assessment. There is, however, one fact that goes for all of them: they are worth the trip as they are very nice.


-Tirrenia is a 9-hole only course, but so nice to play -; particularly on a hot summer day -; that one loves to make a second turn.
-; Bellosguardo is a golf course close to Vinci -; with its length of 6322 m one of the longest in Italy. It does away with practically all prejudices against 9 hole courses -; that’s why we list it here.

Beyond this list there are a number of 9 hole golf courses and driving ranges all over Tuscany. As we know only a few and haven’t been there recently we restrain from any evaluation.

For the golfer who wants to spend his holiday in a Tuscany Villa, the Lucca area would be particularly well suited, as from there he might reach 5 Golf Courses within 15 to 45 minutes -; see the first 5 in the listing above

Holiday Villas with nearby golf courses