Should an item you are looking for not be found in this listing please contact an Italian Consulate or Embassy in your country.
Although we try to keep the list up to date, we cannot guarantee for any changes made, completeness or simply for everything being correct.

Holidays (only national holidays not local ones)
Holidays in Italy:
1st January - New Year
6th January - Epiphany
Easter Monday
25th April - liberation day
1st May - Labor day
2nd June - national day
15th August - Ferragosto
1st November - All Saint´s Day
8th December - Feast of the Immaculate Conception
25th and 26th December - Christmas

Traffic / car

Italy encashesfines already now, i.e. before bilateral / UU regulations come into effect as of 01.01.2010. It is truly reccommended to respect traffic regulations also abroad.
Since April 2004 new regulation on Italian motorways!
You have to have a "Warning Vest" on board which has to be put on in case of problems on motorway or safety lane. Otherwise you risk a fine of at least 33.60 EURO.
Should you rent a car, make sure equipment contains this vest.
Since 2003 light must be switched on during daytime when driving on every road outside cities and villages.
Since 2002 light must be switched on when driving on the motorway even at daytime. Fines are 32 Euro and more.
Speed limit for vehicles under 3,5 tons:
Motorway 130 - with mist, rain or snow 110 km/h
High-speed road 110 - with mist, rain or snow 90 km/h
Country road 90km/h
Villages 50km/h
Safety belts must be put on and helmets for motorcyclists.
The legal alcohol limit is 0.
No mobile phone calls when driving.
Gas stations are open on the motorways for 24 h.
But anywhere else normally from 9:00 to 12:00 and 16:00 to 19:00, closed on Sundays and Holidays.
No reserve canister allowed.

Embassy and Consulates

British Embassy
Rome: Via XX Settembre 80a
Telephone: +39 06-482-5441

Consulate Florence: Palazzo Castelbarco Lungarno Corsini 2
Telephone: +39 055-289556

American Embassy
Rome: Via Vittorio Veneto 119/A
Telephone: +39 06-4674-1

Consulate Florence:
Lungarno Vespucci, 38
Telephone: +39 055-266-951

Australian Embassy Rome:
Via Alessandria 215
Telephone: +39 06-852-721

Emergencies phone numbers

Carabinieri: 112
Ambulance, police and emergency doctor: 113
Fire police (Vigili del fuoco): 115
Broken cars: 116

Its not allowed to smoke in public buildings and restaurants, bars etc.

Vaccination against rabies, at least 20 days before border crossing but not longer ago than 11 months.
Health certificate, not older than 30 days.
A lead and a muzzle are requested.
Since October 1st 2004 european animals (dogs, cats and ferrets) have to have an ID-card (please ask your vet).

Mail and phone
Stamps (francobolli) of 0,41 Euro for letters (20g) to the EU-countries, Swiss 0,46; for all other countries, please check first. It is convenient to by stamps “Posta Priorita”; you pay 0,62 Euro but the letter will be delivered faster. Postcards can take very long, up to three weeks!
even in the same area/town the area code has to be dialled with the number, if you, for example are in Rome and want to call somebody in Rome, you have to dial 06- as well; from abroad as well 0039-06-
Italian mobile phones are working the opposite way: no 0 is to be dialled, for example: you dial only 338- or 340- or…

Voltage normally 220 V

Normally shops are closed between 13:00 and 16:00, but open up to 19:00 and 20:00, depending also on the season. In tourist cities shops are also open on Sundays, seldom food.
Supermarkets normally are closed one afternoon during the week, only a few being open also on Sundays; well known credit cards can be accepted..
Important: You have to take the receipt for every purchase, at least some 100ms with you; there might be a police control.

Payment in cash of any currency above 1000€ is forbidden by the government