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Wine tasting at Pisa area

Wine tasting at Pieve di Pitti - wine yard

Wine tasting at Pieve di Pitti

Wine tasting and olive oil are offered in many places in Tuscany and are, most probably, rewarding, interesting and delightful everywhere.
We would like to draw your attention on such a tasting ceremony at the wine-growing estate of Pieve de’ Pitti, easily to organize in combination with a visit of San Gimignano and/or Volterra.

Pieve de’ Pitti is a wine-growing estate and agriturismo in the Pisa area direction Volterra.
Since many years organized as a family enterprise, factually however more or less in the hands of a young lady architect who among other things has specialized in the building and configuration of wine cellars and who has got involved in the art of wine growing herself over the last years. All that by the way with greatest charm and remarkable success.

A visit there with wine tasting will not only show you the beautiful property; it will include a walk through the vineyard with the appropriate explanations followed by a visit at the wine cellar and of course as final part of program the wine tasting itself as the venture’s clear highlight.
It will take place in the property’s limonaia (the winter lemon house), in the center of the original fortified place as the location of Pieve de’ Pitti was and is absolutely strategic. This limonaia is unusual in its size and vault-like structure and offers through its giant windows a great view on to the beautiful but somewhat austere landscape of High Tuscany with Volterra in the center. A wine tasting in the late afternoon will present a truly spectacular play of light, with the sun setting slowly creating wide shadows over the hills around. This will then be the ideal scenery for a wine tasting certainly not less spectacular; actually you will enjoy the experience of a kind of “mariage” of special dishes and wines that go along with one another in a marvellous way.

Signora Caterina, the true spirit of the celebration and ever more of the entire property will say:

“In a restaurant I first choose the wine and then the proper and congenial meal”.
Out of the many wine tastings we have made this one has been the most delightful – inviting to many more of the kind at Pieve de’ Pitti.
Reservation absolutely mandatory!

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the holiday farmhouse on the estatate

Organisationally a visit of San Gimignano or Volterra will fit best into this excursion. In theory both could be combined, which however would make the programme very busy. We recommend an either or. The decision is, of course, absolutely a question of personal priorities, both places offer exceptional experiences. San Gimignano with its many family towers, beautiful squares and streets is a point of attraction for big crowds of tourists year after year and at all seasons. Volterra in comparison is a rather severe and secretive town with its important Etruscan and Roman history, a place where one might think time has stopped long ago.
Who decides in favour of Volterra should try and arrange a guided tour in English language; within two hours you will be shown the most important parts of the city including the Porta Romana (view down to the sea, with good visibilty until Corsica) and the remainders of the amphitheater. Should you be lucky and find the guide named Serena these two hours will become an ever lasting experience.