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Beach Lucca and Pisa – the sandy coast in the northern part

Beaches Lucca & Pisa
At the seaside close to Lucca and Pisa – why not spend a day at the beach?

Along the coast of the Versilia and South of the Serchio river there are sandy beaches extended over many kilometres, most of which offering good services. The most exclusive and mundane ones are at the well known beach city of Forte dei Marmi.

Very typical the mix of beach beds, sun lounges and umbrellas you could rent at the serviced beaches. The Lucca people mostly frequent the beaches South of Versilia, i.e. the area between Viareggio and Pisa which enjoy a very family orientated ‘ambiente’ and where are still free beaches as shown on our photo.

In general terms beaches offer services from May until mid/end of September. Here you could rent beach beds, lounges and umbrellas, but small covered entities as well which would encompass all of the before mentioned offers. Drinks and snacks will be available everywhere. They will, however, also offer lunches and dinners, from just spaghettis to the most delicious fish dishes depending from which restaurant you might chose.

Almost all of these places have their own parking area (against payment). Dogs, I’m afraid, are allowed at free beaches only…